What causes truck accidents?

There are many state and local regulations placed on the commercial trucking industry. However, despite this, there are hundreds of thousands of truck accidents every year.

What causes truck accidents? In reality, these collisions are complicated and may have more than one cause. There could even be elements of a truck accident that took place well before the crash actually occurred.

When you work with an experienced truck accident lawyer, they’ll thoroughly investigate the causes of your truck accident and determine which parties are liable. They’ll then be able to use their findings to seek damages for your injuries.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Improperly maintained vehicles 

Commercial trucks require rigorous maintenance to ensure they’re in good shape for the road. Unfortunately, trucking companies don’t always hire competent maintenance personnel and drivers fail to perform their pre-trip inspections. 

Unbalanced load

Sometimes, the cause of a truck accident has nothing to do with the driver. Truckers often drive “no-touch freights”, which means they had nothing to do with properly loading the trailer. Rather, another party was responsible for properly balancing the load. 

Unbalanced loads, which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, can be incredibly difficult to control and can cause severe damage in an accident. 

Equipment failures

Another common cause of truck accidents are equipment failures. Equipment failures can often be traced back to third parties, such as parts manufacturers. When a truck accident is caused by equipment failure or malfunction, the manufacturer can be held liable for damages from the accident. 

Driving Under the Influence

Regardless of what state you’re in, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. In some states, commercial truck drivers are held to an even higher standard than the average driver in this regard because of their potential to cause more harm. 

Driver error 

Commercial truck drivers are held to a much more rigorous standard of care than other drivers on the road. A passenger car driver can make a mistake on the road that results in little to no consequences. However, a commercial truck driver could make the same mistake and cause serious injury or even death to others. 

Careless actions such as speeding, reckless driving, failure to check blind spots, poor judgment, failure to obey traffic law, and other driver errors can also contribute to truck accidents. 


Fatigue plays a substantial role in what causes truck accidents in Colorado. Long-haul truck drivers cover hundreds, even thousands, of miles in short periods of time. 

While they’re required to take breaks, some often don’t because they feel pressure from their companies to complete trips as quickly as possible. 

Lack of Training

Although trucking companies require their drivers to complete certain training, there have been cases where they’ve put inexperienced people in the driver’s seat. When a truck driver who lacks crucial and necessary training causes an accident, the trucking company can be found negligent for their role in putting that person behind the wheel. 

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Against an 80,000 pound commercial truck, many passenger vehicle occupants end up much worse for the wear in a collision. This is why passenger vehicle occupants make up the majority of fatalities in large truck crashes

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